Action for Greyhounds hits the Airwaves

Annie Boddey from Action for Greyhounds UK, graced the studios of Future Radio in Norfolk yesterday, along with five of her rescued greyhounds and did a magnificent job of raising awareness.

Radio presenter, Tim Macwilliam had met Annie at one of her leafleting stalls and invited her onto the program to talk about the welfare issues surrounding greyhound racing.

Although Tim had contacted Yarmouth Stadium and various industry organisations to contribute to the program, none of them acknowledged Tim’s request, let alone accepted the invitation.

However, a retired trainer did contact the studio during the broadcast and confessed how professional trainers were reluctant to pay the local RGT branch £100 re-homing fee, when faced with the prospect of having to pay thousands of pounds for the greyhounds they retire annually.

Unchallenged, Annie spoke freely and from the heart, promoting greyhounds as companion animals and rightfully declaring it is unethical to euthanase a healthy greyhound, young or old, simply because the dog cannot earn its keep.

To hear the full interview kindly prepared by Future Radio please click here

(Ein sehr interessantes Interview) or here

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