Jean's horror over dog find

An animal lover has spoken of her disgust at her grim discovery after she found a dead dog that had been stabbed in the head.

Jean Frost was disgusted when a pal told her she had stumbled across the brutally disfigured greyhound in land near Dene Street, Silksworth when she was walking her dog.

She phoned police, who took a bread knife that lay next to the dog away to be examined.

And the 46-year-old was horrified when she returned to the site a week later and found the animal's body was still there.

Mrs Frost, of Thorney Close, said: "My friend was walking her dog when she found this greyhound with a knife lying next to it.

"She looked at it closer and it had stab wounds to its head and the rest of its body and there was a knife lying next to its legs.

"Its ears were also filled with blood so it was definitely stabbed.

"She called the police and someone came out to take some pictures and they took the knife with them."

Mrs Frost, who has volunteered with several animal rescue centres across the region, said the dog looked as though it had been badly treated and was malnourished.

She said: "It's disgusting and pathetic that anyone could do something like this. There's absolutely no need to stick a knife into a dog's head.

"Even people who are not working can go to the PDSA and get free help or get them put down humanly.

"Or there's greyhound rescue centres they can be taken to.

"There were bones sticking out of its body and it looked extremely thin like it hadn't been looked after. It's so sad."

A police spokesman said: "On Wednesday, February 11, police received a report of a dead dog in woods near to Dene Street, Silksworth. Police attended the area but were unable to locate the dog.

"On Thursday, February 12, police were assisted in finding the dog by the member of the public who had initially reported it.

"The dog was found away from the main walking tracks in a remote part of the wood. Police also recovered a knife at the scene.

"Council cleansing teams were called to remove the dog's body and the RSPCA were also informed about the discovery."

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